Update Letter to the Churches of IAYM

****News from the IAYM Board on Christian Social Concerns Committee****

Who is on the committee?  James Tower, Hannah Maselli, Lyn Kinney, Paul Kessler, Phyllis Phipps, Kathi Berry and Charlene Martin.

What is the group’s purpose?

  1. To be a resource for the members of the Iowa Yearly Meeting.
  2. To be pro-active in identifying issues of importance to our members.
  3. To disseminate information to the Monthly meeting.
  4. To try and have all of our responses be impartial, yet be inclusive of the views of Iowa Yearly Meeting as set forth in the Discipline and based on the Christian ideals of Jesus Christ.
  5. Assist churches to identify needs in their communities and perform community resource mapping.

Our focus this year: Theme of the Year: Loving our Captive Neighbor      Isaiah 58:6-9

Selected priority: to partner with the Wings of Refuge in helpful ways.

We have already had a Monthly meeting invite the human trafficking victim advocacy group Wings of Refuge to their church and give a presentation at their mission Sunday.  This resulted in the program receiving funds to support their mission and also members becoming involved in programming and advisory roles.  If you want the Wings of Refuge to attend your monthly meeting you can contact Kelly Butcher at kellyb@wingsofrefugeia.net

Other topics beyond human trafficking that you will be receiving information about in the future are:  Handicap accessibility in our Monthly Meetings, Conscientious objection/Peace testimony, Hunger in our midst, Political lobbying as a Christian, Environmental Issues (Quaker Earth Care Witness)

We have a blog!!!!     Fields of Justice.org

There will be articles and a list of resources available.  Please take time to access this blog.   We hope to post articles every two weeks with current issues and updates.  If you are interested in submitting an article, please e-mail James Tower at james@cafchurch.org or Hannah Maselli at hannahmaselli@gmail.com

Most importantly we need your prayers!!!   But we also need your financial support as currently we don’t have any money budgeted for the Christian Social Concerns committee. If we look back on our history of Quakers, what was their involvement in the past?

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