Right Sharing


Right Sharing of World Resources is a Friend’s organization that works largely in Africa and India. They work with women to start small businesses in very poor communities. Many of the women they work with in Kenya are Friends. They are Christians, but as many of you know, becoming a christian does not instantly make a person wealthy. Right sharing works in these countries with women, who in many places in the world are the poorest of the poor nations lend money to women who then have to pay the money back to the organization with a small interest rate and the money is then lent out by the organization to another woman or group of women. Right Sharing also works with groups of women. The women support and pray for each other throughout the project. Right Sharing helps them set up business plans. Then Right Sharing raises money to fund the women’s projects. The women in the group decide who will receive loans first and what the interest rate for the group will be. The money is then paid back to the women’s group. Right Sharing does not receive the capital or interest back. This is different than any other micro lending group that I am aware of . The women have a permanent pool of capital to work with and to grow. Once all the women in the group have taken out loans and repaid them to the group, the group can engage in a second round of lending or they can begin lending to other women in the community. Right Sharing not only helps women create new income for their families, but it establishes new sources of capital within communities.

Why lend to women? Women tend to use money to invest in their families. Women use their income to send their children to school, to provide a second meal for their families each day, or to fix a leaky roof on their house. Helping women to start businesses gives them some power in often male dominated societies where women may have very few rights. Women who have businesses tend to choose to have fewer children. Their husbands listen to them because they are providing money that helps support the family. Micro lending organizations around the world have found that women are more likely to pay back loans then men are.

The website for Right Sharing is http://www.rswr.org You can choose and contribute to a project.

Paul Kessler

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