Introducing the Restoration Institute



Hello Friends in Iowa Yearly Meeting!

Let me start by saying Thank You for the support through the years. Friends and neighbors are asking me what I am doing now and I would like to catch you up and invite people into what is happening. I am looking forward to presenting a workshop for Peace and Social Concerns at Iowa Yearly Meeting as well as leading the music with some new friends this year.

I began 2018 working in warehouses and businesses in and through my area code, greatly enjoying all the wonderful people I had the privilege of working alongside. Some of us were looking at starting another career, some were just getting started. Many had to get over hurdles of their own making just to get to work. We were from different religious, national, and political backgrounds. God gave me a burden to see my friends be vocationally assessed, mentored, and sent out equipped to do more than fill a position on a manufacturing line. More than anything, I long for them to serve Jesus Christ with their own unique calling. Serving others with our unique gifts and divine calling is a testimony to the freedom and grace in Jesus Christ that extends all boundaries of culture. It is a gift from God when we enjoy our work and vocation.

In June 2018, Blaine Vos, Director of New Hope Community Center in Oskaloosa, asked me to plant this vision at his location. After much prayer, I resigned my delivery position and started Restoration Institute. I am once again helping to develop a diverse team in Oskaloosa, and New Hope Community Center is our Designated Business Agent (DBA). We are a 501c3 organization.





We have served many people in the 7 months since we started. You may have seen our Gofundme page or how we have repaired and given out two vehicles. At least ten people have stayed in transitional houses that we set up on site.  We are present on many community service boards. (Homeless coalition, mental health, community partners for the protection of children to name a few).

My goal is Preparing Souls and Stuff for Seasons of Service. I am looking for underutilized people and broken stuff that may be leftover and is waiting to be repurposed. Specifically, our immediate need is for transitional housing material. We are looking for trailer axles that can be mounted under transitional houses. If you have something that might fit that description, we would love to look at it and hopefully pick it up. Consider putting together a work crew as a team building exercise!

Written by  Spencer Thury, Director

If you have any questions, please contact me!

Spencer Thury, MATL, Restoration Institute, Director,

Office: New Hope Community Center

308 5th Ave West Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577

641 676 1602 / cell 641 512 5501

Preparing Souls and Stuff for Seasons of Service

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